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You will be creating an original travel brochure for your adopted state. The brochure will follow the following format.

1. Fold a 12" X 18" piece of art paper in thirds.

2. When you design the front side, the left third will contain facts and pictures about the state. The right third will become the cover or title page. The state name, your full name, and any pictures, slogans, or other “eye catching” things go here. Nothing about your state should go on the center third since it will not be seen when stapled to the wall for Open House. You should design this third like an envelope as often these trifolds are mailed to customers.

3. All three thirds of the inside will contain pictures and facts about your state. You can either have them broken into 3 sections or design the page as a whole. If you choose to break it up into thirds, it is still OK to let pictures flow beyond the folded lines as long as you do it for a reason.

Below are examples of a travel brochure.  Click on any to see larger versions of both sides of the brochure and to start a slide show of state travel brochure examples.

You will be graded on the following criteria:

1. Cover: Does it get your attention? Does it have a neatly written or typed title? Does it have a few catchy sentences about the state.

2. Neatness: Did you use a word processor or stencils for large lettering? Are all pictures neatly cut or drawn and fully colored?

3.  CARP Design Principles:  Did you use the design principles (Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity) in your trifold layout?

4. Map:  Is there a state map?

5. Interesting facts about the state: Did you list at least 5 interesting facts from history or about the state? Do you have the state nickname?

6. Places to Visit: Did you include at least 5 places to visit?

7. Pictures: Did you include at least 5 pictures which you either cut out or drew yourself?

8. Originality: Was everything written by you and not just copied from other sources?

9. Format: 
Did you follow the format of folding and where things go as listed above?

10. Neatness: Did you do a neat job? Did you do a proper layout of the pictures? Did you think about the use of color and balance?

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